Hello all,

I have to say this my first post which i am writing in the late hours of Sunday considered a sanctified day by many.I am a bit reluctant to write cause i thought writing was meant for some few chosen people to be precise the educated.Little did i know that i was wrong to achieve this you be must having a burning belly and desire to be successful.Okay let me not beat around the bush,so what are the three riding aspects of life one should consider;


Everything one does,desires,or what you want to do is determined by the choices you make yesterday,now,today  and tomorrow.Choices you make in life such as the life partner you want to marry ,where you to go to school,who to associate with,your pals  etc in one way or another determines your ability to stretch to success.


Relate from the dictionary means;  to find or show the connection between two or more things.Lets come back to life how you relate or connect with every nitty gritty details of life builds a  reputation or personality in you .Your relationships,connections determines who you will become.

‘If you want to do anything you will find a way,if you don’t you will find an excuse’ Jim Rhon


As an individual,you have to be responsible for everything that comes from  and revolves around you.My reader you have to be responsible for your life,know that nobody owes you anything ,even your parents,teachers and the world.If you have to  forget everything in this article ,please remember the words in bold.

In conclusion,do not limit your thinking and never wait for the right opportunity for the right opportunity will never come.