The is my second article, i guess i am a bit nervous about  the reaction of the readers towards my first article.Anyway,my desire for article  writing which is not inborn but comes from passion  is burning in me thus i am unable to sleep this late midnight bringing this article to being and i believe it will inspire and empower thousands of people.

I used to think that to achieve financial freedom one needs to  get a job,be born in well to do family or maybe from inheritance.Wealth can  be generated by those who are and have the producer mentality not the consumerism mentality.

In my country,Kenya to be exact,consumerism is mainly associated with wealth thus people tend to spend their hard earned income to purchasing ‘things’ .Most of them want to belong to a specific  ‘class’  and some buy things to impress others thus they buy all sorts of liabilities.Liability here means those purchase’s that depreciate in value overtime.My Kenyan friend,once  told me ,a bed,a TV ,sofa are assets ,honestly i looked at him twice not blaming him but for how many Kenyans including me have a limited thinking .Those are liabilities my dear Kenyans.You should strive to acquire assets that will create a producer mentality in you. Assets here means those things that bring money into your pocket.

Producer mentality is what we should strive to be or have if we want to be successful in life.By having a producer mentality i mean one should create,offer,build,and establish a niche that provide with the needs of the community.People will pay you for what you have to offer them and money will follow you.

Let me conclude from there,they say too much of something is poisonous.Dear readers i urge all of you to embrace producer mentality for this is the key to success.You don’t have to be Mark Zuckernberg,Jack Ma but a person with a goal,vision in making the world a better place.