I was born in staunch SDA  family of six,four children,my father and my mother.I am the second born in my family which from research second borns like me are said to be argumentative and rebellious.From that,sometimes i do not relate well with my parents,mainly my father,i quarrel with him and disagree but that doesn’t ruin my relationship with him as a father.That is just the tip of an iceberg about my background.

My entrepreneurial mindset come to being during my youthful years ,probably when i was aged 13.It was at camp meeting some of you may call it a seminar during August holiday.The speaker who was a pastor ,instituted a spark of entrepreneurship in me in of the programs in the seminar which was about empowerment.

Learn this three things from me;


At that age ,that spark of being a job creator was burning but what i told myself  is ‘Frank wait for the perfect time or moment’.To those who want to be entrepreneurs start now for that moment your are waiting will never come.START NOW


That pastor adviced us to be well of financially ,invest in agribusiness,which is a booming business in Kenya,like fish farming,aquaculture etc.I told myself i will do this after my fourth form but i never did anything at all.I had the knowledge,the know-how but i lacked the ability to take action and to take risk.


I used to say when i have ,land,money etc i would buy land,greenhouse,rental property but i never thought of using the resources i have to chieve my dreams.Dear reader,if you want to get to you dream consider the resources you have at your disposal,home.The little things you have like money,the small land, use it or them to achieve your dreams.

The lessons above is what  kept me from realizing my dreams as entreprenuer.Now at age 20 i feel getting closer towards my dreams.

Are you getting closer towards your dreams or further away?