There are three things extremely hard: steel, a diamond, and to know one’s self.”

Benjamin Franklin

As youths we tend to aspire being wealthy,rich,sucessful and live in porsh places in the cities.What we tend to think is that the journey to riches does happen overnight.I equate this with a person placing money ,in this context ,in an oven ,puts a time frame and walahh! You become rich call it rich quick or quick rich as many refer to it as.

‘If you have dreams,your dreams should scare you.’

Let me explain this concept using a true life story which is about me.In the year, 2010,i finished my secondary education believing it is the end of education ,through the power of compounded interest I managed to save a sum of 80$,roughly equivalent to eight thousand Kenyan shilling.I had planned to invest it in business which I had no idea what to invest in.Having an entreprenurial mindset ,i consulted myself ,let me wait for the perfect moment which never came.Questions rang into my mind what I should do with this money.

One particular day, my childhood friend introduced my to betting which is gambling.

Gambling,is what I saw as a sure and real ‘investment’ at that particular time.To cut the long story short,all my hard kept high school savings I lost ,this was a setback to me as young entrepreneur.

The sport betting business ,i see it as robbers,i.e they robe money mainly from the not well to do family of there hard earned income.I am not condemning it but if you see it as a ticket to riches,try your luck.

‘Never ever gamble with you life,money,studies.’

Blogging or content writing to me I viewed it as ‘a niche ‘ reserved for a specific group of people,for the educated.I actually never had interest in blogging I saw it as being what labour extensive or demanding.

What inspired me to blogging was that,i saw it as an avenue to reaching countless number of people in the world.Through real life stories,experiences I believe by blogging you will touch the hearts of people.FINALLY,SHOW YOUR AUDIENCE YOU CARE FOR THEM AND THEIR SUCESS WHICH IS YOUR SUCESS.

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