It is the wee hours  on a Tuesday morning ,my passion to write made me just to write something and move from the comfort of my bed.Honestly,I have no idea what to write.But by the end of this article believe you me,I will have put something across.

Aaaah ! what is your purpose as a youth?My dear youth do really know what is your purpose in this world or in the place your are now?

“The most difficult thing in life is to know yourself.” – Thales

Do you know yourself really? Let me not put a myriad of questions but give you an  idea who you are and what is your purpose.

Being a student,whatever student you are, we mostly act upon the demands,desires of our parents .Most of us,youths,do this mainly to impress or to make our parents proud.Ask yourself,will you be happy in the long run.?

We tend to do this degree course,which we have no interest in but for what our parents told us to do.I liken this to a donkey,a donkey will never complain but will carry heavy tiring load to the demand of the master.So tell me,my reader, will you be the donkey or one who knows his or her purpose in life.

To be successful,and the journey to financial freedom starts with what is your  purpose in life,in the world and doing that which your are  happy or passionate in doing.I  am against the current education system ,which teaches us to be employers .The world is bubbling with employees ,surely it does not require more employees.What it actualy needs is people who will be jobcreators and innovators in the coming age.

In conclusion,my dear youths, strive to know your purpose.

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