Over my youthful years I  have been reading articles,business,motivational, sucess books and stories about the wealthy people here on earth.The content and knowhow I gathered and I learned from which I  regret  I knew earlier include the following;

1.Most made a fortune on the internet.

The likes of Bill Gates,Mark Zuckernberg,Jack Ma all made their wealth through the internet bubble.The world is becoming a global village more and more people are going online ,my advice to your as a find a niche,establish a blog or website or even teach yourself how to code and develop a viral app.

2.Patience is a virtue you should have.

Joining the millionaire class really requires your patience  for you will under go tough times,you will face major setbacks but out of sheer patience believe you me you will reach your destination.

3.Have passion in what you do.

Out of passion ,my reader you will dedicate,sacrifice your time for that big thing you want to establish.Passion is the food and energy  for sucess  here ,so have it in whatever you want to accomplish.

4.Do not chase money.

As a startup you should not do something with you mind set only on money.Dedicate your time,money,mindset to that which you want to establish.Money will follow not you chasing money for money will follow you in the long run.

5.Have determination.

The internet entreprenuers,determination was the fuel in their endevours.Despite failing severaly,being ridiculed,being critised they never lost that determination and spark for sucess in their life.Consider having determination if you want to be sucessful.

6.Never ever give up.

Amid failure many times ,real entreprenuers  never ever gave up or loss hope  for they saw a bigger picture in the coming  days.The small failures you undergo ,is just the tip of an iceberg,so think twice before giving up.