Today,i had an awesome day my reader.I attended a youth expo and conference that focuses on empowering ,connecting and motivating the future millionaires I.e the youth,aspiring entrepreneurs.

Again,i must say the panelists ,delivered a motivating ,powerful message that I wish to share with you some of the key messages and maybe some photos.

Do not do business the traditionally way,do business the modern way’

The world has evolved so rapidly,that is due to the internet,you want to generate more sales,get online to get the market you need. That is the an instance of the modern way integrate it in your business.

‘Be a disruptor’

The world has evolved due to the disruptors.A disruptor here is one who establishes,invent or innovate that which will disrupt the way of life or of doing business.e.g Jeff Bezos,owner of Amazon,was a disruptor he introduced a new way of shopping.

Don’t wait for tomorrow ‘

If you this new idea,new technology,new app that can revolutionize the world,my reader do sleep on it.They say the richest place in the world is the grave cause there lies multibillion dollar ideas that where never developed.Develop that idea today for tomorrow will never come.

Move out of your comfort zone’

Many of us are in our comfort zone,have you ever thought of moving out that comfort you are one.Imagine going to a new place where you know nobody and you do not have money ,what will do?

Do not be just happy with where you are know,think of doing something totally different and see how you will cope up.

Money is not the solution of your financial problem’

You really have to know that money will never solve you problems.Given some amount of money or you win a lottery how will you utilize it.Have you realized those lottery winners always end more miserable more than the way before the won.Put it into your brain that money is never the solution of problems.

That is some of the business insights,i will write another blog part 2 of this cause really I have not written even half of the insights.

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