This is part two of the business insights and if you have not read the first you should read it.Dear reader cause I care for you,let me share the insights that will develop your thinking and enrich you business wise.

‘If you have money before responsibilities,you are really in a big trouble’

Have you ever realized that when you have money and you have less use of it,you can really mess up a lot.This is to imply that you might not know what to do with it cause you have few responsibilities.This will really make you tend to misuse it.

Millionaire mindset does not fear the ground because it came from the ground’

To be a millionaire you really have to go through a certain way or procedure which believe you me is so rough full of hurdles.At some instance you will or might have fallen or have lost certain sum of money which brings you down to the ground.A millionaire mindset here does not fear the ground for he or she was once there at some stage he or she will learn where he or she went wrong.

‘The people who do the hand and leg work,will work for those who do the headwork’

It sounds weird,do you agree?This is to mean that people who do hand or leg jobs will surely work as employees of those who do the head work,i mean those who think.Do you now understand?

Are you the one who does the head work,hand work or the leg work?

‘You can have money but fail to have the money mindset’

Imagine this ,if the earths’ wealth was shared among all the over 7 billion people we have,each will receive 200,000$.You will notice still those who where poor will grow poorer and those who where richer will grow wealthier.Notice, is all about money mindset ,your perception towards money, is what really counts.

‘Don’t complain about how someone is spending his or her own money,do me a favor and find a way to make yours’

Many at times we tend to always envy about this person who is using his money in an extravagant manner I.e a spend thrift .Have you ever thought of a way of making your own money?

Make yourself international competitive’

The world needs the individuals who can fit into the market wherever the place.Your skills,drive,desires do they fit with the current global market change.Be international competitive.

I believe in one way or another i have touched your heart and inspired you, the ball

lies in your court.Decide will you play or be the spectator.

Thanks for reading

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