There so much investment opportunities here in Kenya.What intrigued me was that us Africans,to be specific Kenyans, we are so blind in finding one.I see daily the Brown people whom you call ‘the whites’ are they really white,okay that is just my word of thought,flock into Kenya,they say Africa is a land bubbling with opportunities.

Have you ever seen an investment opportunity? As an African.

This I dedicate it to the youths who are jobless,those who want to earn money from side hustle.


Hear this,you need a doctor once in a while,a dentist once in while, a lawyer once in a lifetime or perhaps never,a teacher once in a lifetime but you need a farmer, THRICE in a day, so your future and upkeep definitely depends on the farmer,do you agree?

More so we eat daily ,so where does that food come from,since there is no day you will never go hungry.Market for agricultural produce is readily available .

The youths will say,’i do not want to get my hands dirty’ ,you want to be an entrepreneur I suggest get down and make your hands dirty with time ,persistence and patience you will be an employer.

You can venture in:

  • poultry farming
  • dairy farming
  • bee keeping
  • watermelon farming
  • tree farming for those are so patient
  • eucalptus grandis farmin
  • snow peas farming
  • french beans farming
  • traditional vegetable farming like ‘managu’
  • strawberry farming
  • mango farming
  • ovacado farming
  • apple farming

The list is endless,honestly there is one you should try depending on the time frame.

To the youths with HELB money why don’t you use that money as a startup capital and do start small depending on your financial capacity.

2.Mutual funds and stocks.

Mutual funds are for those who do not want to risky there money in stocks or shares.Here basically,your money is invested by professionals and the returns are given back to you.

This platform is less risky and the return is not that much but it depends with the money you have invested.Here in Kenya for instance,consider Old Mutual,that allows you to invest as low as 5$ I.e 500 Kenyan shillings.

Stocks are much riskier hence the returns on investment (ROI) is definitely high.If you are that guy who tends to risk a lot,then consider this.

3.Real estate and rental properties.

This is another booming business worldwide.Also hear this,Your have to find a place to lay you head everyday,so you must find a house.Depending on your financial capacity you will rent a house or buy one.

For instance,here in Nairobi,prices of land have quadrupled likewise the rent for houses within and outside the city is at 200$ as the minimum depending on the location.Consider buying apartments and renting out depending on your financial capability.Return on investment here is between 10% – 20% per year.

So which area will you put your money ,to increase your net-worth?

Reply or comment which area.

Thanks for reading

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