Which aspect of your life do you really tolerate?

Do you tolerate living in abject poverty,having a meagre salary,being in your comfort zone,living a miserable life,going to work day in day out or calling someone else your boss?

You are in that situation now not because life put you there but because of the choices you made  in your life.

Many a times our life consist of a quagmire of toleration which limits our abilities to stretch and live our dreams.Quagmire of toleration,what do I really mean,i mean to say we tend to tolerate aspects,how our life  which at times is hazardous to us in the sense of having financial and maybe time freedom.

Those who do not consciously plan for their success are passively consenting to their failure’

Living a life of toleration can be so limiting since it creates in  you a feeling of comfort in the situation you are right now. Consider trying new things,that is a new environment,quitting your 9-5 job,going into a new country maybe this can ignite a new perception of  your life.It can show you how you have been   in a rat race. The question is, how long will you continue being a rat..?

To unleash the millionaire,the billionaire in you,you have to stop living a  life of toleration.That is the only way.Many a times we see going to school,through primary,secondary and university as normal,and after that ‘tarmacing’ those in Kenya are familiar with that, in search of this white-collar job

this in the long run creates us to be employees not job creators,which is the modern form of slavery.

‘Without vision of where you want to be you will be trapped in where you have been’

Do you tolerate having that constant salary every month? Why don’t you save over a period of time and invest it in that business idea that you have passion in maybe this could be a journey to being a millionaire.Try to challenge your comfort zone, do something different or unusual.Or is it fear of the unknown that limits your capacity to stretch ,to counter it you have to have the guts ,courage of an entrepreneur.

The time is now to stop surviving ,but to start thriving for it is the only way to discover what lies in your true self.

Let me keep this article short ,to give you time to think  which quagmire of tolerance do you live in and maybe take action .


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