It has been for  a while since I wrote my last post,I apologize for that my dear readers.I was soul-searching myself to really get to understand myself.That was a bit about me.

Why leave a legacy?

A story is told about John Roebling and his son Washington.John had a dream and a vision to build a bridge between the Long Island and New York.The distance between the two places was so long that it was beyond human possibility.John shared his dream  to the government,people but none of them had the same vision.They were rather saying that John was insane.

 ‘Do not let other people perception of you and opinion become your reality’

None having the vision of his dream,he shared his dream with his engineer son Washington and convinced him it’s possible.Soon enough the soon shared his dream and construction of the bridge between Long Island and New York began.

Unfortunately,John Roebling and his son were involved in an accident .John died leaving his soon totally paralyzed,his brain damaged whom his remaining  life will be spent on the hospital bed.People on hearing this,the bridge construction was halted saying the persons who knew about it were no more.

On hospital bed,Washington laid looking outside through the window thinking about his father’s dream.Washington communicated with his wife ,through a finger to summon the engineers.Through his wife he gave the instructions to the engineers and the bridge came into reality after 13 years.The bridge,widely known as Brooklyn Bridge came into reality,that connects New York to Long Island.

From that story,John left a legacy to his son,which up to now still exist.Leaving a legacy can form a platform where we are empowered to think the ‘impossibility’ and creates a challenge to us .

Leave a legacy to siblings,to parents.

 ‘Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago’ Warren Buffet

My reader,what have you learnt? share,comment and I will respond

Thank you for reading.