a lit


The tragedy in life doesn’t lie in not reaching your goal. But lies in having no goal to reach.”


In real life situations we tend to ignore small details which do play a vital role .Lets just have a small recap, when was the last time; you did dispose some banana peel inappropriately, you complemented your friends, you surprise your spouse with a gift or a present, went on field trip with your family, maybe a date with one and only just but to mention a few.

Little details as such can change your perception of life. I believe it gravitates and initiates a sense of belonging, gratitude and positive thinking needed in day to day life. It maybe small like you think but really portrays much about your personality.

Which personality is yours?tell me in the comment section.

Pay close attention to every small details , it really open up your mind to new way of thinking ,a world of opportunities with unlimited resources at your disposal.

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