There are three things extremely hard: steel, a diamond, and to know one’s self.”

Benjamin Franklin

As youths we tend to aspire being wealthy,rich,sucessful and live in porsh places in the cities.What we tend to think is that the journey to riches does happen overnight.I equate this with a person placing money ,in this context ,in an oven ,puts a time frame and walahh! You become rich call it rich quick or quick rich as many refer to it as.

‘If you have dreams,your dreams should scare you.’

Let me explain this concept using a true life story which is about me.In the year, 2010,i finished my secondary education believing it is the end of education ,through the power of compounded interest I managed to save a sum of 80$,roughly equivalent to eight thousand Kenyan shilling.I had planned to invest it in business which I had no idea what to invest in.Having an entreprenurial mindset ,i consulted myself ,let me wait for the perfect moment which never came.Questions rang into my mind what I should do with this money.

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Little matters count

a lit


The tragedy in life doesn’t lie in not reaching your goal. But lies in having no goal to reach.”


In real life situations we tend to ignore small details which do play a vital role .Lets just have a small recap, when was the last time; you did dispose some banana peel inappropriately, you complemented your friends, you surprise your spouse with a gift or a present, went on field trip with your family, maybe a date with one and only just but to mention a few.

Little details as such can change your perception of life. I believe it gravitates and initiates a sense of belonging, gratitude and positive thinking needed in day to day life. It maybe small like you think but really portrays much about your personality.

Which personality is yours?tell me in the comment section.

Pay close attention to every small details , it really open up your mind to new way of thinking ,a world of opportunities with unlimited resources at your disposal.

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Hello all,

I have to say this my first post which i am writing in the late hours of Sunday considered a sanctified day by many.I am a bit reluctant to write cause i thought writing was meant for some few chosen people to be precise the educated.Little did i know that i was wrong to achieve this you be must having a burning belly and desire to be successful.Okay let me not beat around the bush,so what are the three riding aspects of life one should consider;


Everything one does,desires,or what you want to do is determined by the choices you make yesterday,now,today  and tomorrow.Choices you make in life such as the life partner you want to marry ,where you to go to school,who to associate with,your pals  etc in one way or another determines your ability to stretch to success.

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